High Voltage Testing Equipment



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High-Quality and Cost-Effective High Voltage Testing Equipment from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete range of high-voltage testing equipment for diverse testing operations. Our core aim is to provide you with top-notch products that can function seamlessly and assist in non-destructive testing (NDT). The high voltage testing equipment we offer is ideal for use in diverse industries like pipeline, petrochemical, construction, rubber, and plastic industries. 

Under this category, we provide products like roof leak detector kits, holiday detector kits, geomembrane arc testing kits, spark tester basic kits, spark tester standard kits, spark tester complete kits, DCCT pinhole/ cable tester with handle, and flooded member detection system. All the high-voltage testing equipment is designed to ensure effective and rapid testing. Our inspection repair and maintenance equipment is compact in design and portable in nature. They have an audible and visual alarm with volume control. The automatic output voltage selector of the survey equipment allows the selection of the correct voltages based on different standards. 

Are you still thinking about why to choose our high voltage testing equipment for non-destructive testing (NDT)? If yes, consider the top benefits.

  • Lightweight: All our high-voltage testing equipment are lightweight and portable. So, you do not have to worry about carrying them for different operations.
  • Simple Menu Navigation: The menu is easy to navigate as it is available in 10 different languages.
  • Safety: The equipment has power-limited output to ensure the safety of the operators. 
  • Versatile: The high-voltage testing equipment is ideal for diverse operations like checking plastic sheets, cables, non-conductive coatings, and more.

Unique Group has a passionate team of professionals who are dedicated to providing quick support and assistance to customers. Need to know more about high-voltage testing equipment? Connect with our highly experienced professionals and get the right equipment to suit your specific needs.