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Buckleys PHD Pro2: Holiday Detector Kits

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The PHD Pro2 range of high-voltage DC pinhole (or ‘holiday’) detectors are ideal for rapid and effective holiday testing of a range of non-conductive coatings and linings for porosity, faults and defects.


Compact and portable

Multi-colour display

Simple scrolling menu navigation with 12 language options

Visual and audible alarm with volume control

Automatic output voltage selector via a range of standards


Sensitivity threshold range: 10μA – 450μA (factory-set to 200μA)

Meter accuracy: =10kV +/- 100V

Built-in test standards: NACE SP0274/NACE SP0490/ NACE SP0188/

ASTM D5172/ASTM G62/ISO 21809-2*

Unit: 1.64kg, 172 x 85 x 235mm

Handle: 720g, 290 x 85mm


Ideal for testing on a range of nonconductive coatings and linings for porosity, faults and defects


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