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Industry Leading, Top Accuracy Tide Gauges from Unique Group

Unique Group understands the growing demand for reliable tide gauges for hydrography and several other surveys. So, we offer you a wide range of tide gauges that are manufactured with the best-in-class technologies and adheres to the quality standards of the industry. All our products are durable and designed to stand the test of time. 

Our comprehensive range of survey equipment includes tide gauges, water level recorders, radar level sensors, and tide recorders. The products we offer come with several beneficial features like low power consumption, autonomous operations, long deployment times, and high-accuracy data. The survey equipment is ideal for use in different applications like meteorological, oceanographic, and hydrographic surveys. Some of our products are also suitable for academic studies. 

At Unique Group, we specialise in delivering high-performing products at competitive prices. We focus on providing value to the end users. Our team of proficient engineers aims to offer solutions that allow users to carry out their surveys in a safe, economical, and efficient manner. 

Still, wondering what makes our tide gauges the best in the industry? Take a look at the top benefits we offer.

  • High-Quality: Unique Group is very particular about the quality of products. Our experts pay attention to every minute detail and ensure the delivery of flawless solutions.
  • Affordable Pricing: All our products are reasonably priced to ensure easy accessibility.
  • Customer Support: Our professionals are available to provide the required guidance and support to the customers. 
  • Diverse Applications: Our hydrographic survey equipment finds use in a variety of surveys, including meteorological, oceanographic, and hydrographic surveys.

If you are in search of high-quality and reliable tide gauges, Unique Group is the perfect go-to platform for you. Need more information about our tide gauges? Reach out to our experienced professionals and get the right equipment to suit your requirement.