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Top-Quality Wave Monitoring Devices from Unique Group

Unique Group provides an extensive range of wave monitoring devices for the effective measurement of waves and currents. All the oceanographic and environmental products are developed keeping global standards of safety and quality in mind. The equipment is suitable for applications like coastal surveying, studies of tidal currents, oceanographic surveys, marine research and survey, and seafloor monitoring. 

Our wide range of survey equipment includes Datawell Directional Waverider MkIII: Buoy, Nortek AWAC 600: ADCP, Nortek Signature 500 & 1000: Current Profiler, Teledyne Sentinel V20 & V50: ADCP, and Teledyne Workhorse Sentinel: 300/600/1200 kHz ADCP. The advanced features of wave monitoring devices make them ideal for diverse industry use. Our equipment is safe to use and can provide you with the best outcomes. 

Want to know what makes the wave monitoring devices of Unique Group the best? Here you go!

  • Real-time Measurements: The survey equipment allows the users to measure wave height, current profiles of the waves, and more in real time. 
  • Compact Size: All our products in this category are small in size and are easily portable. So, users can conveniently carry them for their different projects without worrying about weight.
  • Accuracy of Data: The equipment is designed to ensure the delivery of accurate data to the users. The information you collect using wave monitoring devices is reliable.
  • Customer Support: We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing seamless service and support to customers. If you have any queries relating to the survey equipment, you can directly reach out to the professionals and get clarity about the same.

Delivering high-quality products and satisfying the customers is a top priority for us at Unique Group. Need more information about our wave monitoring devices? Connect with dedicated professionals right away, request a quote, and select the best equipment based on your unique requirements.