Nortek Signature 500 & 1000: Current Profiler
Nortek Signature 500 & 1000: Current Profiler
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Nortek Signature 500 & 1000: Current Profiler

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The Signature 500 ADCP is designed for flexibility and it measures current profiles at up to 8 Hz sampling frequency. The Signature 1000 ADCP is the optimal tool for turbulence measurements, with a maximum sampling frequency of 16 Hz it gives the scientific community an unprecedented opportunity to study a part of the turbulence spectrum that has never been accessible before.


Five beams for mean currents and turbulence

Wave height and direction

Very small size and weight




Signature 500 maximum profiling range:60 m (burst mode), 70 m (average mode)

Signature 500 cell size: 0.5-4 m

Signature 500 minimum blanking: 0.5 m

Singanture 1000 maximum profiling range :25 m (burst mode), 30 m (average mode)

Signature 1000 cell size: 0.2 – 2 m


Turbulence and sediment transport studies

Surf zone dynamics and studies of tidal currents

Fine-scale mixing studies

Vessel-mounted coastal surveying

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