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Nortek: Aquadopp® Profiler

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The Nortek Aquadopp® Profiler measures water column current profiles using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler technology. Designed for a wide range of applications from coasts to rivers, the Nortek Aqudopp® Profiler is a small, lightweight, and cost effective solution for shallow water (<100 m) deployments.


Surface to bottom velocity profiles.

Profiling ranges from 0.5 to 90m.

Online data communications.

Small, light, easy to deploy

All plastic and titanium parts thus eliminating corrosion


Acoustic frequency: 0.4MHz 0.6MHz 1.0MHz 2.0MHz

Maximum profiling range: 60–90m 30–40m 12–20m 4–10m

Cell size: 2–8m 1–4m 0.3–4m 0.1–2m

Beam width: 3.7°, 3.0° ,3.4° ,1.7°

Number of beams: 3


Ideal for shallow water (<100 m) deployments in research projects

Can be used in estuaries

Remote monitoring

Can be deployed in lakes, channels and rivers

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