Teledyne Workhorse Sentinel: 300/600/1200 kHz ADCP
Teledyne Workhorse Sentinel: 300/600/1200 kHz ADCP
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Teledyne Workhorse Sentinel: 300/600/1200 kHz ADCP

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The self-contained 1200, 600, 300kHz Workhorse Sentinel is a popular and versatile Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler configuration. By providing profiling ranges from 1 to 154m, the high frequency Workhorse Sentinel ADCP is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications.


Direct reading 1200, 600, 300 kHz ADCP

Bottom frame-mounted and hard wired to shore for offering real-time current monitoring.

Offers high data accuracy and reliability.

Data is integrated into the Vessel Traffic Monitoring System.

Precision data through Teledyne broadband signal processing, offering low-noise data.


Beam angle: 20°

Configuration: 4-beam, convex

Internal memory: Two PCMCIA card slots; one memory card included

Communications: RS-232 or RS-422; ASCII or binary output at 1200-115,200 baud

Standard depth rating: 200m; optional to 500m, 1000m, 6000m


Seafloor monitoring

Oceanographic survey

Marine survey and research

Wave data collection

Vessel Mount Transect option available


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