Teledyne Sentinel V20 & V50: ADCP
Teledyne Sentinel V20 & V50: ADCP
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Teledyne Sentinel V20 & V50: ADCP

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The lightweight and adaptable Sentinel V20 and V50 is easily deployed on buoys or mounted on the seafloor. Real-time data can be transmitted to shore via a cable link or acoustic modem, or data can be stored internally for short or long-term deployments. It provides a perfect balance of capability and flexibility, robustness, and reliability.


Multiple simultaneous sampling strategies

High-speed wireless data download

Increased portability and one-touch activation

Record every measurement and individual transduce

Multiple bandwidths


Velocity resolution 0.1 cm/s

Velocity range ± 5m/s (default); ± 20m/s (maximum)

Ping rate Up to 4 Hz (SC); Up to 16 Hz (RT)

Echo Intensity Profile Vertical resolution

Depth cell size Dynamic range 80 dB


Coastal projects

Upper ocean applications

Online measurements of currents and waves

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