Nortek AWAC 600: ADCP
Nortek AWAC 600: ADCP
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Nortek AWAC 600: ADCP


The AWAC 600 kHz ADCP has become the standard reference technology in submerged wave-measurement applications. With a 60m maximum range for wave measurements and 2Hz sampling of the surface elevation, the AWAC 600 kHz is the optimal tool for medium water-depth current and wave measurements.


Real-time current profiles and waves to 50 m range

Acoustic surface tracking (AST) with a vertical beam

Can be used both with fixed frames and subsurface buoys


Maximum profiling range: 50 m

Cell size: 0.5-8.0 m

Number of cells: Typical 20-40, Max. 128

Velocity range: ±10 m/s horizontal, ±5 m/s along with beam

Accuracy: ±1% of measured value ±0.5 cm/s


Online measurements of currents and waves

Design data for planning of new coastal structures

Site studies for offshore wind platforms

Coastal erosion and tidal current studies

Measurement campaigns where the full wave spectrum is needed

Monitoring of transient waves for channel wall protection

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