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Superior-Grade Diving Communication Accessories from Unique Group

Unique Group offers high-quality communication accessories for personal or commercial diving. Our general diving equipment range is designed with a focus on the strictest standards of safety and quality. Delighting the customers and ensuring their optimum satisfaction is at the core of all we do. The competitive pricing of our diving life support solution and equipment range sets up apart in the industry. 

Under the category of communication accessories, our products include an external battery charger, headset and microphone, and headset and microphone from AGA. The external battery charger is used to power or charge the communicator systems of the divers at the location where there is the availability of AC power. The headset and microphone consist of an adjustable headset and a moveable Boom Microphone, and Banana plugs that allow easy connectivity. It is essential for seamless diver communications and helpful for divers having hearing problems. 

Still, wondering what makes the communication accessories of Unique Group the best in the industry? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: The communication systems we offer are lightweight and easy to carry during the explorations. They are also comfortable to wear by divers.
  • Excellent Audio Quality: Our communication systems are designed with the best components to ensure excellent audio quality. It ensures seamless communication during marine explorations.
  • Waterproof Microphone: The headset and microphones come with a waterproof microphone. So, you do not have to worry about using it in the water.
  • Affordable: Our communication systems are available at cost-effective prices. The aim is to make them readily accessible to divers.

At Unique Group, we have a team of diving  communication specialists committed to helping customers with their queries. Need more information about our communication accessories? Connect with our engineers right away and get the best diving communication system.