Amron: External Battery Charger
Amron: External Battery Charger
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Amron: External Battery Charger


Unique Group offers Amron’s External Battery Charger that can be left on charge indefinitely without damage to the battery or communicator. The charger can be used to power the communicator in locations where AC power is available without the possibility of harm to divers due to its medical grade isolation. This isolation protects divers from hazardous AC currents.


Medical grade isolated constant current/constant voltage battery charger.

Input protection circuitry protects against voltage surges up to 4,000 VAC.

Output protection circuitry protects against reversed battery connections.

Worldwide input voltage range.


Wide temperature range from: -40° to 158°F (-40 to +70°C).

Compatible with: 2-Diver Amcom ™ II series Standard, 2-Diver Amcom ™ II series Deluxe, 2-Diver Amcommand ™ II Air Control System, 2-Diver Amcommand ™ II Air Control System with Heating Element and 2-Diver Amcommand ™ II Air Control System with Dual HP Regulators.


Charging of diver communicator systems.

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