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Custom Gauges from Unique Group for Accurate Measurements

Unique Group offers a complete range of reliable gauges for measuring different parameters accurately in your general or commercial diving operations. Our general diving equipment focuses on catering to the demands of customers and equipping them with the tools to explore new depths of oceans and seas. The diving life support devices we offer are developed with modern technologies for better performance. 

Our complete range of diving gauges include dial temperature gauges, pressure gauges, tube pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, and more. The dial temperature gauge is suitable for petrochemical and chemical use. It is suitable for measuring the temperature of fluid substances and gases. The pressure gauge can provide the users with readings of FSW, Bar, MSW, PSI, ISO, FFW, and Metric Scales. It can measure the pressure inside decompression chambers and ensure the safety of the divers. The pressure transmitter finds use in the measurement of pressure in the marine industry.

Still, wondering what makes the diving gauges of Unique Group the best in the industry? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • Reliable: All our gauges are reliable as they can provide the readers with accurate readings. Precision is a key feature of all the equipment.
  • Operates in Different Conditions: Our equipment is designed to withstand the most demanding operating conditions.
  • Cost-Effective: The products are available at affordable prices. The core aim is to ensure easy accessibility of the equipment to the users.
  • Optimum Performance: The gauges are designed to perform optimally in all conditions and provide measurements easily.

At Unique Group, we have a team of gauge specialists and commercial diving engineers who have years of experience and knowledge in the industry. Our professionals are ready to help customers in making the right selection of equipment. Need to know more about our gauges? Connect with our experienced engineers today and get the right equipment.