UG: 6″ Caisson Gauge (100MSW/ 350FSW, 3D)
UG: 6″ Caisson Gauge (100MSW/ 350FSW, 3D)
Diving + Life Support

UG: 6″ Caisson Gauge (100MSW/ 350FSW, 3D)

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Unique Group supplies the 3D Caisson Gauge, which provides high accuracy, precision quality and custom tailored dial readings.
It also provides readings of PSI, FSW, FFW (feet of freshwater), Bar, MSW, ISO, and Metric Scales, as well as other scales and dual scale readings.


Custom tailored dial readings

Highly accurate and precision based


6″ Accu-Drive Caisson Gauge

350 ft / 100 msw

1/4 NPT male 316 st/st

Back Flange

Bottom Fitting


Measurement of pressure (depth) inside decompression chambers where exact measurement is critical for diver safety.

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