UG: 6″ Pressure Gauge (20MSW/70FSW, 3D)
UG: 6″ Pressure Gauge (20MSW/70FSW, 3D)
Diving + Life Support

UG: 6″ Pressure Gauge (20MSW/70FSW, 3D)

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Unique Group offers a high accuracy pressure gauge with precision quality and custom-tailored dial readings. It is available in dual FSW and MSW scales.


Incorporates 6” Pressure Gauge.

Has 70 feet/ 20 msw in length.

Offers ¼ NPT male 316 st/st.

The device has a front flange and has a back fitting.

It has a yellow ABS plastic case.


Accuracy: 0.25% of span

Gauge:3D gauge

Pressure: G 6”

Height: 70 feet/20msw


Measurement of the density of fluid levels

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