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Robust and Compact Umbilical Winch from Unique Group

Unique Group supplies efficient umbilical winch for several applications. We specialize in delivering world-class surface diving equipment to customers at competitive prices. All our winches are designed and developed with a special focus on the quality and safety standards of the industry. We perfectly combine modern technologies with the expertise of our experienced engineers to provide high-quality diving life support systems for customers. 

Under the umbilical winch category, we mainly offer two products. It includes UG UMB: Powered Umbilical Sheave and UG UMB: Umbilical Winch. The powered umbilical sheave is a compact design system that has the potential to recover a 70mm diameter umbilical. It is ideal for being used on wet-bell diving systems, hydraulic hose reels, tool umbilicals, and some other saturation systems. The UG UMB: Umbilical Winch is designed to recover and protect typical saturation system bell umbilicals. It is ideal for constant tension on several saturation systems. 

Still, wondering why to opt for the umbilical winch of Unique Group? Consider the reasons listed below.

  • Compact and Robust Design: The umbilical winch has a compact and robust design. It can be conveniently carried to the survey location. It is designed to last longer.
  • Cost-Effective: The winches are available at affordable prices. We aim to make our umbilical winch easily and readily accessible to divers and surveyors.
  • Approved: The UG UMB: Umbilical Winch is approved by classification societies like DNV and ABS. So, you can trust the equipment for your specific application. 
  • Customer Support: We have a team of passionate winch specialists who have experience and knowledge about the equipment. They are ready to help the customers and assist them in making the right choice.

Need more information about the umbilical winch or want a quote from us? Connect with our experienced engineers right away and get all your queries answered.