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Safe and Reliable USVs from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a wide range of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) designed for a wide range of applications including hydrographic survey, coastal and harbour monitoring, hydroacoustic survey, box-in of seabed transponders, and more. Our USVs can be used for seabed automatic classification, and seabed mapping, and can be integrated with positioning systems via USBL for AUV tracking. Our flagship products in the USV category are iXblue: DriX, and UG: Uni-Pact.

The Uni-Pact, which provides effective bathymetry from an unmanned platform, has been developed to complement bigger survey vessels used for survey and support activities where a smaller vehicle is more suited to missions. The Uni-Pact is a very stable and adaptable catamaran made of an asymmetrically strong molded polyethylene hull and an alloy deck. Its value has been demonstrated by its capacity to operate in shallow coastal waters that are unsafe for human survey vessels to enter. On the other hand, the iX Blue is an enduring, fast, and safe solution for high seas. It depicts wonderful seakeeping capabilities as an outstanding surface drone.

Our Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) are best in the vessels and vehicles industry for a multitude of their highlighting features. Some of them include the following:

  • Autonomous Operation: The USVs can operate autonomously, which means they can be remotely controlled or programmed to carry out a pre-defined mission.
  • Versatile: The USVs can be customised to suit specific requirements and can be equipped with a variety of sensors and payloads.
  • Cost-effective: USVs are a cost-effective solution for hydrographic and geophysical surveys compared to traditional survey vessels. They are also a safer option as they eliminate the need for personnel to be on board during operations.

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