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Proof Load Testing Bags from Unique Group’s Water Weights 

Unique Group offers a range of high-quality proof load testing bags in their buoyancy and water weights inventory.  These proof load bags have been trusted by the industry for carrying out safe and reliable crane load testing operations around the globe.

Our proof load testing bags are the safest and most practical solutions globally, and they offer an efficient way to load test davits, cranes, winches, derricks, and any other load-bearing structure or lifting equipment. At Unique Group, we believe in cost-effectiveness, which is why our load-testing bags are cost-efficient. The slightly wider body of the bag facilitates the compact design, resulting in a greater test load with relatively less weight.

In addition, all our designs are fully compliant with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), and for enormous capacity tests, the bags are equipped with additional support beams. Below are the benefits of our Water Weights proof load testing bags:

  • Reliable and Safe: UG Proof Load Testing Bags are designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that crane load testing is performed safely and effectively.
  • Clever design: The proof load testing bags in our inventory are shaped like raindrops, which is the most natural shape for any flexible water container.
  • Versatile: With a range of available capacities from 1 to 110t, UG Proof Load Testing Bags can test a wide range of crane types, from small cranes to large offshore cranes, winches, derricks, and more.
  • Compliant: The lad testing bags have an ABS Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate. These are built to the highest standards, as the equipment has a physically proven safety factor over 6:1.

In addition to these features, the proof load testing bags have a low headroom range, including several types from 1.0 to 12.5 metric tonnes. Need more details about our features, or want to get a quote for our proof load testing bags? Drop us a line by filling out our product inquiry form, or contact our team of engineers and Water Weights specialists now!