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Discover High-Quality Drop Camera Systems for Marine Surveys from Unique Group

At Unique Group, our drop camera systems for oceanographic and environmental surveys are dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions for underwater surveys. We understand the importance of capturing high-quality images and videos of marine environments, and our range of products is designed to deliver exceptional results. Whether you are conducting oceanographic research, environmental monitoring, or inspecting underwater structures, our drop camera systems will help you capture detailed footage and data.

We have the UG: Uni-Lander in the drop camera system category designed to provide high-quality images and video footage in challenging underwater environments. The UG: Uni-Lander is easy to use and can be deployed quickly, making it an ideal solution for marine surveys.

  • Wide range of applications: All our drop camera systems are intended to work with a variety of armoured coaxial cables, frequently used by offshore survey vessels. They are to capture photographs of the ocean floor during offshore installations for benthic surveys to aid marine ecologists. These photos, together with other survey information from sampling and acoustic methods, aid in identifying, safeguarding, and conserving the seabed environment.
  • Top-notch features: The drop camera system in our product category uses the coax winches that the client already has to handle a variety of wire diameters and lengths. It produces incredibly high-quality still photographs while giving you complete control over the camera’s features. You can get the video feed in high definition from at least one camera and a flexible lighting system to illuminate the seafloor beneath the lander. You get to gather vital positional data, including heading, pitch, roll, depth, and scale pictures using switchable lasers.
  • Customizable options: You can also customise the specifications based on your individual needs.

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