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Unmatched Subsea Positioning System from Unique Group

Unique Group offers an extensive range of subsea positioning equipment for different surveys and marine operations. All our products are developed to meet the highest quality standards. The products are also designed keeping the safety of the operators in mind. We provide diverse survey equipment to cater to the unique requirements of different customers. The use of modern technologies to manufacture sea positioning systems ensures greater performance. 

Under the subsea positioning category, we provide a mini beacon, portable beacon tester, USBL system, inertial navigation system, mini transponder, USBL positioning system, acoustic baseline synthetic positioning system, depth, and temperature sensor, floating collar, high precision acoustic positioning system, motion reference unit, transponder test and configuration unit, doppler velocity log, wideband mini transponder, LBL acoustic positioning system, handheld test equipment, and more. These products are suitable for different applications like ROV navigation, attitude monitoring for different subsea structures, dredging, metrology, AUV navigation, townfish navigation, subsea drilling, pipe laying, subsea monitoring, and deflection monitoring. 

Still, wondering what makes the subsea positioning of Unique Group the best? Consider the key benefits listed below. 

  • High Reliability: All our products are developed with the best technologies to ensure high reliability. The equipment is designed to last longer.
  • Intuitive Interface: The subsea positioning equipment offered by Unique Group have a clear intuitive interface. It is user-friendly and comes with simple functionalities. 
  • Compact Design: The products have a rugged and compact design. They can be easily carried to the site of the survey.
  • Quick Deployment: The subsea positioning products can be easily deployed in much less time by the operators.

Unique Group has a team of professionals who are committed to providing expert services and support to customers. Need a quote or require more information about the subsea positioning equipment? Connect with our engineers and get the right equipment at competitive prices.