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High-quality Motion Sensors for Accurate Subsea Positioning from Unique Group

Motion sensors are essential for accurate subsea positioning, helping to provide real-time data on the movement and orientation of underwater equipment. At Unique Group, we offer a wide range of motion sensors designed to deliver reliable, high-precision measurements in even the harshest subsea environments. Our motion sensor category includes products from leading manufacturers such as iXblue, Impact Subsea, Kongsberg Seatex, NORSUB, and Teledyne, each offering advanced features and capabilities to meet the needs of a wide range of subsea applications.

Some of our most sought products in the motion sensor category include Exail (iXblue) Octans G4: Subsea Gyrocompass and Motion Sensor, Impact Subsea ISD4000: Depth and Temperature Sensor, Kongsberg Seatex MRU 5: Marine Motion Sensor, NORSUB 3000 SUBSEA: Motion Reference Units, Teledyne DMS-05: Dynamic Motion Sensor, and more. OEM surface or subsea Pitch and Roll sensors include the Teledyne CDL MiniTilt Motion Sensor. For OEM applications, the device can be supplied in a properly machined mounting frame or in a surface or subsea (rated at 3,000m or 6,000m) container. It offers a total of 32 alternative output data formats by using a bank of 6 internal option switches. The following features set out our motion sensor from the crowd.

  • High-precision measurements: Our motion sensors utilise advanced technologies such as gyrocompasses, accelerometers, and motion reference units to deliver accurate and reliable measurements of underwater motion and orientation.
  • Durable design: Built to withstand the harsh subsea environment, our motion sensors feature rugged and corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of the deep sea.
  • Wide range of applications: From offshore energy exploration to underwater mapping and surveying, our motion sensors are ideal for a wide range of subsea applications that require accurate positioning and motion data.

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