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USBL Acoustic Transponders – Precise Positioning for Subsea Operations from Unique Group

Unique Group’s USBL Acoustic Transponders provide reliable and precise positioning solutions for subsea operations. Our range of acoustic transponders includes mini beacons, portable beacon testers, transponder test and configuration units, and other state-of-the-art equipment designed for use in challenging subsea environments. With the latest technology and innovative features, our USBL Acoustic Transponders are trusted by offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, and marine construction professionals.

Some of our most sought products include USBL Acoustic Transponders and the products in the category are AAE 1019: Mini Beacon, AAE 1100 Series: Mini Beacon, AAE 3510 PAM: Portable Beacon Tester, Kongsberg TTC 30 and 10: Transponder Test and Configuration Unit, Sonardyne 7967: OBC/LRT Deck Unit, Sonardyne WSM 6: Wideband Sub-Mini Transponder/Responder, Sonardyne iWAND 6G: Hand Held Test Equipment, and more. 

Our range of USBL Acoustic Transponders is the best in the industry for various reasons. Some of them are listed as follows: 

  • Precise positioning: Our USBL Acoustic Transponders use advanced acoustic technology to provide precise positioning for subsea operations. With high accuracy and reliability, they help ensure that operations are conducted safely and efficiently.
  • Innovative features: Many USBL Acoustic Transponders feature innovative technology, such as the Sonardyne iWAND 6G hand-held test equipment. This advanced device provides wireless communication, real-time data logging, and other features that make subsea positioning more efficient and effective.
  • Comprehensive range: Unique Group’s USBL Acoustic Transponders category offers a comprehensive range of equipment, including mini beacons, portable beacon testers, and transponder test and configuration units. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the right equipment for your specific subsea operations.

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