Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Systems (USBL's)



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Ultra Short Baseline Positioning Systems (USBLs) for Accurate Subsea Positioning from Unique Group

Unique Group offers state-of-the-art range of Ultra Baseline Positioning Systems (USBLs), offering precise subsea positioning for various applications. Our USBL systems use advanced acoustic technology to track underwater targets and provide precise positioning data in real-time. The USBL range in our inventory includes systems from leading manufacturers such as Sonardyne, and Kongsberg, ensuring that we have the right solution system to meet your specific needs.

The products in our USBL Category AAE Easytrak Nexus 2 Model 2692:USBL System, Exail Gaps M5: USBL Positioning System, Exail Gaps M7: USBL Positioning System, Sonardyne Gyro USBL: Transceiver, Kongsberg HiPAP: High Precision Acoustic Positioning System, Kongsberg µPAP Compact USBL, Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2: USBL Underwater Target Tracking System, Sonardyne Micro-Ranger 2: USBL Underwater Target Tracking System, Sonardyne Ranger 2: USBL Acoustic Positioning System, and Sonardyne Scout Type 8024: USBL Transceiver. The highlighting features of our Ultra Baseline Positioning Systems (USBLs) that set us apart from the crowd include the following:

  • Clever design for high performance: Some of our USBL systems are equipped with optimised beacon refresh taste and Bi-directional sigma 2 spread spectrum acoustics for high performance. 
  • Safe: Our Ultra Baseline Positioning Systems (USBLs) are designed according to industry standards and are available according to the specific requirements of the client, so you can rest assured about safety.
  • Industry-wide applications: All our USBLs can be used for an extensive array of applications, including nearshore operations, UXO surveys, search and recovery, structure inspection, site survey and characterization, communication, and tracking, subsea structure tracking, dynamically positioned vessel position referencing, etc.

Our Ultra Baseline Positioning Systems (USBLs) are best for deep water, and long-range tracking of underwater targets. They can be used to simultaneously track multiple ROVs, AUVs, towfish, and multiple subsea targets. Want more info? Drop us a line now!