Kongsberg HiPAP: High Precision Acoustic Positioning System
Kongsberg HiPAP: High Precision Acoustic Positioning System
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Kongsberg HiPAP: High Precision Acoustic Positioning System

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The Kongsberg HiPAP family consists of the world’s most successful underwater positioning systems. It was first developed with a focus on the Super Short Base Line (SSBL) principle as this was a market requirement of trying to avoid the Long Base Line (LBL) principle in deep water and in accurate seabed survey applications. The 351P has a small tranceiver to allow installation on vessels with limited diameter gate valves.


Smaller, lighter and less temperature sensitive transceiver unit built within a stainless steel cabinet.

New Low Power Transceiver (LPT) boards with better filtering and signal processing providing an additional 5-6 dB sensitivity.

The improved sensitivity gives better range and angle accuracy compared to previous generation HiPAPs.

The improved sensitivity allows for less source level in the transponder which leads to longer transponder battery endurance.


Rental system includes the MGC option

Number of active elements: 46

Max / recommended acoustic operating area below vessel:160 degrees / 20 degrees

Minimum gate valve size required: Nil

Transducer diameter:345 mm

Narrow pointing receiving beam: 15 degrees


Reliable underwater reference for DP systems

Positioning of underwater vehicles

Subsea construction

LBL position accuracy

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