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Gas Management Equipment for Saturation Diving Operations

The Gas Management category at Unique Group includes essential equipment designed to support saturation diving operations. Saturation diving is an advanced diving technique that allows divers to remain submerged for extended periods, up to several weeks, while breathing a gas mixture that is carefully controlled and monitored to prevent decompression sickness. To maintain a safe and effective diving environment, proper gas management is crucial. The category includes products such as the Gardner Denver Gas Transfer Compressor Container (10 ft), Gas Management Panel, and Gas Transfer Compressor System.

At Unique Group, we have a wide range of gas management equipment designed to meet the individual needs of our esteemed clientele. With a sheltered and compact design, our gas management equipment offers weather protection and a more portable package suitable for circumstances where the deck space is confined. Still wondering what makes our deck management equipment the best in the industry? Here we go!

  • Ergonomic design: The gas management systems are housed in a sturdy container with four stage compressor and a skid-mounted inlet buffer tank. It also has an inlet for a carbon monoxide monitor, oxygen, and a trip alarm.
  • Central control panel: The central control panel works by bringing together all sources of gas supplies including quads, gas Kelly tubes, and cylinders. The SAT control, gas transfer compressor, or dive control can be distributed as necessary by the operator.
  • Extensive applications: All our gas management equipment is perfect for commercial diving operations in the subsea gas and oil industry.

At Unique Group, we are focused on developing solutions essential for effective gas management in critical underwater environments. All our systems are designed to be safe, reliable, and according to our customers’ requirements. Need more details about our products or looking for a quote for our gas management systems? Contact us now!