UG: Gas Transfer Compressor System
UG: Gas Transfer Compressor System
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UG: Gas Transfer Compressor System

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Unique Group offers gas transfer compressor systems which offer a compact and versatile gas transfer solution. Its compact design and configuration minimises on board installation and provides a more portable package. The skid mounted system comprises a 4 stage 90 degree Vee compressor complete with a 250L gas inlet buffer vessel, delivery line filtration pack, gas inlet oxygen, carbon monoxide monitor and trip alarm.


Single acting, four stage compressor

Skid mounted inlet buffer tank (pulsation vessel)

Gas inlet oxygen/carbon monoxide monitor/trip alarm

Marine type (captive) anti-vibration mounts

Gas inlet pressure reduction system


L: 3000 mm, W: 1600 mm, H: 2119 mm

Type: Single acting, 4 stages, 90deg vee

Speed: 1160 RPM

Inlet: 4 PSIG MAX (transfer)

Flow: 110 m3/h FGD, Working Pressure: 200 Bar g


Commercial diving operations in the subsea oil & gas industry

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