UG DH157: Diesel Divers Heater
UG DH157: Diesel Divers Heater
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UG DH157: Diesel Divers Heater

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Unique Groups offers DH157 Diesel Diver Heater, a reliable and robust, IMCA compliant water heating system. It involves heating the water when the vessel does not have the electric power needed to supply the electric heaters.


Sea water temperature is manually controlled and adjustable to within 0.5 deg C

Equipped with over temperature safety cut-outs and mechanical inlet water regulators for ship water supply pressure variances

IP65 rated and comes complete with a weatherproof cover and lifting slings

Safety devices in place as specified by ASME VIII and IMCA.


kW of Heating: 157kW

Max. Temp above Ambient: +/-45 degree C

Outlet Flow: 60 ltr/min (at 60Hz)

Outlet Pressure: 40 bar

Power Requirement: 3-Phase, 440VAC/60Hz or 400VAC/50Hz


Marine experts and researchers use it when a vessel does not have electrical power, needed to supply the electric heater.

DH157 Diesel Divers Heater, suitable for sailors to install in their ships to eliminate the marine organisms through heat.

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