20ft Containerised Modules



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High-quality 20ft containerized modules from Unique Group

Unique Group designs and manufactures  20ft containerized modules suitable for air, nitrox, or mixed gas diving. Our flagship product in the category includes SL 2.1 DCON: ISO 1500 Chamber & Dive Control. The layout of the machinery features a lightweight, compact design with a 1500-deck decompression chamber and a dive control. The equipment has a partitioned area incorporating an ISO 20ft container.

The partitioned space in the 20ft containerized module allows you to have an umbilical storage or gas bank along with a stand-by seat for a diver within the area. In addition, the dive control/DDC area is air-conditioned, and it can be fitted out for nitrox, air, or mixed gas diving. Our 20 ft containerized modules are known for its following features:

  • Modular and Scalable: The diving modules are designed to be modular and scalable, meaning they can be easily connected and configured to meet your specific needs. You can use a single module or combine multiple modules to form a complete diving system.
  • Easy to Transport and Deploy: The 20ft Containerised Modules are designed for easy transportation and deployment. They can be loaded onto a standard shipping container or truck and easily moved to your desired location. Once on-site, they can be quickly set up and connected to other modules or equipment.
  • Safe and compliant: All our 20 ft containerized modules are designed to comply with industry standards. When you sign up for our products, you sign up for top-notch products with bleeding-edge technology in the surface diving equipment category.

Enquire now and talk to our engineers and commercial diving specialists. If you have any further questions about our 20ft containerized module or any of our commercial diving products, fill out our product inquiry form or visit our website now! We will get back to you as soon as possible.