Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement



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Maximize Inspection Accuracy with Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Solutions from Unique Group

Unique Group’s portfolio of ultrasonic thickness measurement products consists of cutting-edge solutions to drive inspection accuracy in non-destructive testing (NDT). You can rely on our products to obtain accurate results while measuring and analyzing metal thickness.

Our curated range of ultrasonic thickness measurement equipment can cater to a wide variety of applications. Customers can browse our portfolio to find options for oil and gas pipelines, chemical plants, dry dust environments, storage tanks, and more. We collaborate with industry-leading brands to source high-quality equipment that offers unrivaled results.

We have a vast array of inspection, repair, and maintenance solutions that work effectively in industrial settings. Our NDT products maximize precision in inspection projects to monitor materials without causing any damage. The ultrasonic thickness measurement solutions in our portfolio help users in their NDT projects, allowing them to track damage, erosion, and corrosion effectively.

You can browse our collection for options like hands-free, general-purpose, and heavy-duty ultrasonic thickness gauges. We also have products such as ROV probe handlers for applications like ship hull inspection. When it comes to inspection, repair, and maintenance products, Unique Group is the most trustworthy option in the business. Here is why you should opt for our products to transform your NDT results:

  • Quality-Tested: We offer a range of products that undergo rigorous quality testing before being brought to the market. As a result, we can guarantee their quality and precision, ensuring unmatched performance in your NDT projects.
  • Robust and Durable: Our product range comprises durable solutions that work effectively in critical conditions. They are robust and long-lasting, providing precise results in NDT testing.
  • Customer Service: We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of experts provides high-quality service to meet your needs. We can resolve your queries and offer relevant solutions according to your project requirements.

Contact the Unique Group team today to browse our complete range of ultrasonic thickness measurement solutions!