Classed Containerised Systems



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Efficient Classed Containerised Systems for Diving and Life Support from Unique Group

Unique Group provides classed containerised systems, manufactured to meet the most stringent safety and quality standards. Our range of classed containerized systems in our professional diving category includes UG ABS 2 CON: Air Dive System, UG ABS 2 CON: Compact Air Dive System, and UG ABS 3 CON: 1500 Air Dive System, and all the products in the category are reliable, versatile, and fully-equipped to handle the evolving industry demands for various diving applications and conditions.

The classed containerised systems are available in two and three-container air diving systems with a workshop and storage space, umbilical storage, and standby diver’s seat configured into the containers for better weather protection and reduced mobilization time and deck space. Several reasons make our classed containerised system the best in the industry. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Reasonable price point: All our classed containerized solutions are cost-effective and durable. They are equipped with LARS units, gas banks, and ancillary equipment.
  • Safe: Made to withstand the toughest conditions, our classed containerised systems are completely safe for those who want to indulge in offshore diving operations.
  • Compliant: The dive systems in our inventory are IMCA, OGP, Exxon Mobil, and Shell compliant for offering our users a seamless diving operation.
  • Extensive industry applications: All our classed containerised systems can be deployed for offshore air diving operations, including nitrox, air, or mixed gas diving.

The Classed Containerised Systems category offered by Unique Group provides reliable and safe diving capabilities for offshore operations, with all equipment housed within a single container. These systems are certified and classified by international maritime classification societies, ensuring they meet all safety and reliability requirements for use in demanding offshore environments. Need more information about our classed containerised systems? Contact our team of diving specialists and engineers now!