EdgeTech 4200: MP Dual Frequency Towfish
EdgeTech 4200: MP Dual Frequency Towfish
Survey Equipment

EdgeTech 4200: MP Dual Frequency Towfish


The EdgeTech 4200 series is a versatile side scan sonar system that can be configured for almost any survey application from shallow to deep water operations. It utilises EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology to provide crisp, high resolution imagery at ranges up to 50% greater than non CHIRP systems.


Optional Multi-Pulse (MP) technology for high speed surveys.

Crisp, high resolution CHIRP images.

Multiple dual simultaneous frequency sets to choose from.

Comes with a stainless steel towfish.

Easily integrates to third party sensors.



Meets IHO & NOAA survey specifications.

Sonar frequency: Choice of either 100/400, 100/600, 300/600, or 300/900 kHz dual simultaneous.

Sonar operating range (metres/side): 100 kHz: 500 m, 300 kHz: 230 m, 400 kHz: 150 m, 600 kHz: 120 m, 900 kHz: 75 m.

Sonar resolution across track: 100 kHz: 8 cm, 300 kHz: 3 cm, 400 kHz: 2 cm, 600 kHz: 1.5 cm, 900 kHz: 1 cm.

Sonar vertical beam width: 50°.


Cable and pipeline surveys.

Geological/geophysical surveys.

Mine countermeasures (MCM) and channel clearance.

Geohazard and archaeological surveys.

Search and recovery.

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