C-Max: CM2 EDF Sidescan Sonar
C-Max: CM2 EDF Sidescan Sonar
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C-Max: CM2 EDF Sidescan Sonar


With over 500 systems delivered, C-Max sidescans have a proven performance, with high quality acoustic imaging from a small compact and easily mobilised system


C-MAX is a leading supplier of professional sidescan systems. The CM2 Sidescan Sonar System is noted for its performance and its robust, user-friendly design. The system is supported by a complete range of accessories, including the compact DC powered portable winch, and MaxView software that ensures the surveyor can acquire high quality data.



Acoustic frequencies
EDF type: 325/780kHz dual frequency (CHIRP)
25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 150m at 325kHz
12.5m, 25m, 37.5m, 50m at 780kHz
Acoustic pulse rates, pings per second (at range)
780kHz: 25.4(12.5m); 25.4(25m); 17.8(37.5m); 13.8(50m)
325kHz: 25.4(25m); 13.8(50m); 9.4(75m); 7.2(100m); 4.8(150m)
Array length and beamwidths (2-way 3dB points)
0.41m at 325kHz & 100kHz; 0.3m at 780kHz
horizontal 0.3º at 325kHz;  0.2º at 780kHz
vertical, full coverage -5º left through -90º to -5º right
Lateral resolution
18mm at 780kHz; 39mm at 325kHz (18mm at 25m range); 78mm at 100kHz
Beam depression (of maximum sensitivity axis)
10º or 20º, adjustable without tools


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