Saab Seaeye Falcon: ROV
Saab Seaeye Falcon: ROV
Survey Equipment

Saab Seaeye Falcon: ROV

The Falcon ROV is the most successful underwater electric robotic system of its class and is proven in numerous intricate and demanding missions across many commercial, security and scientific sectors.


The Falcon is lightweight, sized just one metre long and is rated to a depth of 300m.

Equipped with Saab Seaeye’s advanced iCON? intelligent control system the Falcon provides exceptional vehicle control and diagnostic data.

Five powerful thrusters provide precise control and maintain a stable platform in strong currents and turbulent waters.

Touch screen and joystick controls with user-friendly configuration and diagnostic features.

Lightweight and easy to transport with quick setup for rapid deployment



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Depth rating (m): 300

Length (mm): 1000

Height (mm): 500

Width (mm): 600

Speed (knots): >3


Observation, inspection, repair and maintenance

Diver support and Aquaculture

Survey and intervention

Salvage support and UXO clearance

Deep tunnel and dam inspection

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