YaleGrip: Synthetic Pulling & Stopping Grips
YaleGrip: Synthetic Pulling & Stopping Grips
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YaleGrip: Synthetic Pulling & Stopping Grips

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YaleGrips are made from a Technora® Aramid fiber flat braid and are assembled in a 4-leg configuration extending from a reinforcing, securing eye. The eye is covered entirely with an extra layer of braid, which is saturated with Maxijacket urethane, an abrasion-resistant coating for extended life.


Compact, flexible, strong, lightweight, non-corrosive, non-abrasive and heat resistant.

Stainless eye thimble (optional) enhances abrasion resistance and handling.

Made from Technora aramid synthetic.

Legs coated in Maxijacket (optional) extend life especially for towing applications.

Colour Coding for easy size ID


Available in various diameter options

Different colors are available such as red, blue, green, orange, yellow and black

Break strength ranges from 6,000 to 450,000 lbs


Electrical-line construction above and below ground

Marine stoppers on hawsers

Marine towing

Strain relief

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