A modular spreader beam

The Safety Benefits

The main reason to use a spreader beam in any lifting scenario is to remove the compressive forces in a load, which may otherwise be lifted with angled slings alone. In contrast to lifting beams where the force must travel along the beam before it can continue upwards to the crane hook, in the case of spreader beams, there is no bending stress applied to the beam by the load as there is an immediate path for the force to travel upwards via the top sling.

The most appropriate scenario for lifting beam usage would be in the case where there is limited headroom and/or multiple points of lift. Problems occur when a spreader beam is treated as if it were a lifting beam. Spreader beams are designed to deal with compression, not bending, therefore, it is crucial to remember that a spreader beam will likely fail when misused, as it is 3 to 4 times smaller than a lifting beam.

The Productivity and Financial Benefits

In comparison to lifting beams, a spreader beam, or a combination of spreaders, is generally the most cost-effective solution. The compression stress with which spreader beams deal requires less material to resist than the bending stress seen in lifting beams. As a result, they are around 3 to 4 times lighter and, therefore, cheaper than an equivalent capacity lifting beam.
Additionally, the cost of purchasing a spreader beam, in most cases, is far less than the cost of a damaged load.

The Britlift Spreader Beams and their Advantages over Competitor Spreaders

With a standard range of modular beams up to 400t in capacity, and the ability to design and manufacture beams to well over 1000t WLL, Britlift has, within the space of a few short years established themselves as a major player, in the sector.

Britlift spreader beams in operation

The Britlift spreader beams are a result of smart and unique engineering. A team of in-house mechanical and structural engineers carry out the appropriate stress calculations, both tensile and compression, in order to accurately determine the forces in each system and, as a result, design custom beams, making Britlift spreaders not only the lightest product in the market, but also as efficient as possible.

Britlift spreader assisting with the lifting of a container

Although highly efficient and easy to use, any individual using a spreader beam should be a trained rigger. Prior to use, user instructions must be revised and incorporated within the lift plan.

Flexibility and Bespoke Solutions

The flexibility of Britlift spreader beams is crucial; when one owns a system, it can then be adjusted in increments ranging from 250mm (10 inches) to 6m (19.7ft).
For example, in a scenario where T34 spreader beam at 5m (34t) is ordered for a project, and in 6 months’ time 34t lift at 7m is planned, instead of ordering a new 7m long beam, one would simply be required to order a 2m strut to add to the existing system.

Also, the time to consider a bespoke system is dictated by the lifting scenario and the usual key deciding factors include headroom and CoG (center of gravity) location.

The Unique-Britlift Association

With its extensive lifting and testing expertise, Unique Group has proven to be an ideal distributor giving Britlift access to the Group’s global network. The worldwide presence provides unrivalled advantage as it guarantees uniform, highest level quality, service, supply, and overall support available for clients on a global scale.

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