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A Global Commitment to Give Back for a Brighter Future

In an earnest pursuit to create a better tomorrow, the “300-Hours Challenge” springs to life—a resounding global commitment to uplift communities. At Unique Group, our ESG initiatives are anchored in the three pillars of Health and Safety, Social Empowerment, and Sustainability. Guided by the Triple Bottom Line Approach and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), we’ve set our sights on targeted goals and tangible progress.

Marking our 30th year anniversary, we’ve pledged to contribute 300 hours of volunteerism to communities worldwide. It’s a testament to our belief that social projects form an invaluable bridge to give back to the very communities we serve. Collaborating closely with nonprofit organizations, our focus extends to educational, health, environmental, and empowerment projects—a dynamic manifestation of our unwavering commitment to social responsibility

In various corners of the globe, we’ve taken meaningful steps. Here’s a short snippet about it.

  • February: Our team rallied for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, collecting winter clothing, blankets, and non-perishable food items.
  • April: Ramadan saw us distributing food boxes to laborers in the Hamriyah Free Zone, United Arab Emirates.
  • June: We hosted two Blood Donation Camps in India with 47 donors overall, uniting employees, vendors, and nearby offices for a noble cause.
  • July: Our South African Team supported two Welfare organizations, embracing their needs by collecting and delivering cherished donations. TEARS, a haven for animals in need, strives to end suffering in our communities through medical care, education, and rehoming. Our contribution included blankets, feed, toys, and items for their store. Unique Group volunteers also visited Leliebloem House, a haven for 60 children from troubled families. Our gifts of groceries, bedding, toys, and more aimed to brighten their lives. Meeting TEARS, Leliebloem, and these young hearts left us humbled and grateful.

This is just the beginning. As we venture into Q4, more transformative initiatives await such as Coastal Clean-up Campaigns taking place in the USA, UK & Singapore
to raise awareness on the alarming amount of plastic waste entering our oceans.

The evolving sustainability journey of Unique Group is a beacon of change. ESG isn’t a mere strategy; it’s our ethos, propelling us to create a tangible impact in the world. Every action, whether individual or collective, is a stepping stone towards the profound transformation we ardently strive for.

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