By: Jim Jota ( Marketing Manager, Water Weights )

Water Weights is a unique and simple system specifically designed to provide a test load in place of traditional solid weights for all forms of testing. As part of the Unique Group, we offer products and expertise to encompass a wide variety of associated services and engineering project management.
Water Weights provide an extensive range of equipment available for rental, sale, or full turnkey service for load application.  Our core commitment remains the provision of products and services to the highest standards in our industry.

Below are frequently asked questions from customers: 

1. Where do we get the water?

Water supply is generally from a hydrant system, pumped out of a reservoir or body of water, or a water truck supplied by the customer.

2. Where do we dump the water?

If allowed water may be dumped in the immediate vicinity of the test or channeled/pumped to its original source or channeled to a storm drain.

3. How many gallons of water do we need to fill the bag?

Water generally weighs 8.34lbs/gal (fresh) and 8.4lbs/gal (salt). Given the actual weight of the bag, you can determine the remainder by dividing the total weight requirement by the weight of water above.

4. What about environmental concerns when dumping the water?

At Unique Group we are committed to environmental awareness and preservation. We conduct our activities in a manner that manages environmental issues responsibly. To know more visit our environmental page. You may also ask your representative to supply our standard environmental documentation when asking for a quote.

Load Testing Operation

  Load testing operation in progress

5. Can we set the bags on the ground?

We do not recommend setting our standard suspended water bags on the ground as a practice. We, however, supply specially designed bags that are suited to this application.

 6. Can we just transfer the bag to another crane when filled with water?

This is possible when using our specialized sit-down bags during testing.

Floor Testing Bags

Floor testing bags

7. How much lead time do we need to factor in if we have a load test coming up?

Our standard requirement is 2 weeks for a test that does not exceed 200 tons. For higher capacity tests, lead times will be specified in your quotation.  

8. What if we don’t have enough headroom to use the water bags?

We have developed alternative rigging arrangements and bag shortening techniques using specialized beams to address headroom challenges. Please talk to our team, if you have any headroom challenges.

Proof Load Test of a Crane

Proof load testing of a crane

9. How long will it take to fill and dump the water from the bags?

At standard fire hydrant pressure (approximately 240 gallons/minute), we can fill the bags on average at a ton (2,000 lbs.) per minute. Standard emptying time is about 2.5 tons (5000lbs) per minute dependent on distance to the discharge location.

10. Is your equipment tested/certified?

The bags have a physically proven (type tested) factor of safety in excess of 6:1 and if requested, proof load tested to over 2:1 prior to being taken into service. They are also certified, and type approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and tested and manufactured to ISO9001-2008. Click here to watch a video of the test.

 11. How do you measure the weight in the bag?

The load is always measured by using either a certified flow meter that registers the water in gallons when filling the bag(s) or by using a certified load cell with an indicator that measures the actual weight below the hook. We have an entire range of standard and custom load and strain measurement equipment, you can view them here.

Crane Load Test in progress

 Crane load testing in progress

12. How often are the bags tested and repaired?

All our bags are tested and repaired (if needed) at our premises, after the completion of each job.

13. What are the hose sizes attached to the bag?

The filling is achieved through a standard 2.5″ NST hose and dumping with a 4″ drain line which may be supplied with or without a valve upon request. Please talk to your local representative about fittings and valves per your testing requirements.

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