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Case Studies

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200t load test on crane completed in a day

Client Seajacks Ltd
Country Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour, UK
Date/ Year 2015
Service details

Unique Group’s Water Weights brand water-filled proof load bags offer varying capacities from 1 to 110-tonnes which provides an easy, safe and cost-effective means of load testing all kinds of lifting equipment and load-bearing structures.

Water-filled bags offer a significant advantage over traditional forms of solid weights because the test load is applied gradually and precisely.

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Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division successfully completed a 200t proof load test on the main crane on a jack-up vessel, within a day.

Client Requirement

The client, Seajacks, tasked Unique Group’s brand Water Weights to perform proof load testing on the main crane onboard the ‘Kraken’ a Seajacks jack-up vessel prior to the installation of wind farms in the North Sea. The client required a 200t load to be applied, plus 10% proof load (220t).

Unique Solution Delivered

Unique Group’s engineers had to re-think the rigging arrangement on site owing to confined space. The load had to be positioned over the deck due to port restrictions, so a standard rigging arrangement of 3 layers of proof load bags was used.

proof load bags200t proof load test on the main crane

The load was achieved using seven 35t proof load bags filled with water configured in one set of four and one set of three, hung from a Unique Group calibrated 250t load shackle. All rigging and loading were completed in one day to the client’s satisfaction.

Benefits delivered

  • On-site Support and quick mobilisation
  • Efficient and reliable method
  • HSEQ Compliant
  • Project completed within schedule

 Client feedback

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