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Case Studies

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ABS Classed Containerised System & LARS delivered in Africa

Client An African Oilfield service provider
Year 2018
Service Details 

Unique Group's classed containerised system SL 2.1 layout features a compact design by incorporating a 1500 deck decompression chamber and a dive control with a partitioned area into an ISO 20ft container. The Partitioned space gives the client the option of having either a gas bank or an umbilical storage with a stand-by diver seat within the area. The dive control could be fitted out for air, nitrox or mixed gas diving.

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Summary of the Project 

Unique Group’s Diving division delivered ABS Classed Containerised System & LARS to an oilfield provider based in Africa.

abs container divingABS DCON A1500 Container

Client Requirement 

The client had asked us to supply two ABS Containerised Diving Systems and Launch & Recovery System (LARS) for offshore operations.

Unique Solution we delivered 

The two-container system Unique Group delivered consisted of a 20ft ABS DCON Containerised A1500 Chamber and Air Dive Control as well as another 20ft ABS MCON Machinery Container.  The Machinery container consisted of 2 x HP compressors, 1 x LP compressor and 22 x HP cylinders. 

In addition to the containers, 2 x LR50A2 (ABS) 2-Diver open cage Launch & Recovery systems were sold complete with 2 x Emergency breathing air supply CABA Mask with communications; 6L cylinder, Harness and Hose which is an IMCA requirement. The diving system supplied was complete and ready to be operated offshore.

ABS DCON Air Dive ControlABS DCON Air Dive Control

Benefits delivered

  • Compliant to ATEX and IMCA guidelines
  • Timely delivery
  • Customised as per client requirements
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