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Advanced load monitoring system delivered for high voltage cable lay

Client  A Cable laying company
Country Middelharnis, The Netherlands
Date/ Year September 2014
Service details  We stock a large quantity of standard and non-standard load and strain measurement equipment up to 800 tonnes both for tension and compression measuring. The standard load measuring devices achieve accuracies of 1% or better.

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 Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division provided a comprehensive load measurement and data logging system to monitor the pull force of the winch during a high voltage cable lay. 

Client requirement

Our client, a cable laying company, wanted us to provide a solution to monitor the pull force of the winch during a high voltage cable connection project under a 5km wide inland water in the south of the Netherlands. The solution was needed to ensure that, the pull force of the winch did not exceed the pull limit of the cable.

water weights load measurement
The load measurement system in use, during the cable lay.

Unique solution delivered

Unique Group's Buoyancy & Ballast division supplied a complete load measurement and data logging system which monitored the winch speed, cable payout and pull force. The pull force data was recorded for review and evaluation once the installation of this impressive length of high voltage cable was completed.

water weights load monitoringThe load monitoring system ensures that the pull force of the winch does not exceed the pull limit of the cable. 

Benefits delivered

  • Data review feature - The data logged in the system can be reviewed later
  • Technical Expertise
  • On-site Support


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