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Case Studies

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250t Proof load bags used for Endurance testing

Client  An offshore drilling platform
Country  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date/ Year  April 2011
Service details Unique Group’s range of Water Weights brand water-filled proof load bags with varying capacities from 1 to 110-tonnes provides an easy, safe and cost-effective means of load testing all kinds of lifting equipment and load-bearing structures.

Water-filled proof load bags offer a significant advantage over traditional forms of solid weights because the test load is applied gradually and precisely.

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Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division completed a 24-hour endurance test using 250-tonne proof load bags and a certified load cell on a cantilever system in an offshore drilling platform.

proof load bag testing water weights

Water-filled proof load bags used in the endurance test

Client Requirement

The client approached Unique Group with a requirement to perform a 24-hour endurance test, loaded with 250 metric tonnes of load on a cantilever system in a newly built offshore drilling platform. Since the load had to be lifted to a certain height multiple times there was not much headroom left to place the load. 

Unique Solution Delivered

Based on the client requirement and other technical constraints, Unique Group used our Water Weights brand proof load bags filled with water and a certified load cell to apply the required load.

proof load testing

24-hour endurance test using 250-tonne proof load bags and

a certified load cell on the cantilever system in an offshore drilling platform.

A barge was placed underneath the skid to complete the rigging with eight 35tonne bags, slings shackles and a load cell. Once the bags were filled, the complete 250-tonne load was repeatedly moved upwards and downwards for 24 hours to prove that the system is working correctly.

Benefits delivered

  • Customised solution – based on the operational feasibility
  • Technical Expertise
  • On-site Support
  • Efficient and reliable method
  • HSEQ Compliant
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