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Underwater cameras installed to monitor Aquarium


Year 2019
Service details

Unique Group has a wealth of experience designing, engineering & installing monitoring equipment tailored to client’s needs.

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Summary of the Project 

Unique Group successfully installed and commissioned three underwater cameras inside one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, for live monitoring of the marine life and the aquarium.

underwater camera unique groupView from one of the underwater cameras

Client Requirement 

Our Client, informed us of their requirement to install live monitoring cameras in their main aquarium and underwater zoo tank to observe marine life and various other activities in the aquarium.


Our main challenge was to design the cable routing without disturbing the aesthetics of the aquarium.

Unique Solution delivered

Unique Group designed and assembled three (03) underwater cameras along with the live streaming software for the aquarium based on their requirement. Two cameras were mounted in the main aquarium and one in the underwater zoo at vantage points using corrosion-resistant fixtures.

The cameras stream live feed to the control room on the installed Local Area Network (LAN). At the control room, a computer with the dedicated Network Video Recorder (NVR) software stream feeds from the cameras to the client office. The client control room computer archives the data for further review or marketing purpose.

Overall, Unique Group provided the client with a complete underwater monitoring camera assembly combined with a control system for data acquisition and live streaming.

Dubai Aquarium survey

Views from the cameras installed in the aquarium

 Benefits Delivered

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Single point of contact for Project from design to execution
  • Tailored solution based on client’s requirements and parameters
  • Corrosion-resistant solution provided
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