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Unique Group successfully completes a 1500t load test with Water Weights on a barge-mounted crane in Mexico




Tuxpan, Mexico


May 2019

Service details

Unique Group’s Water Weights proof load bags offer varying capacities from 1 to 110-tonnes which provides an easy, safe and cost-effective means of load testing all kinds of lifting equipment and load-bearing structures.

Water Weights bags offer a significant advantage over traditional forms of solid weights because the test load is applied gradually and precisely.A comprehensive range of products to suit all applications is available for hire, sale, or full turnkey service.

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Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division completed a 1500-tonne load test on a barge-mounted crane using Water Weights bags.

Client Requirement

The client approached us with a requirement to perform proof load testing for a heavy lift crane on the BG Fenix a heavy-lift cargo barge working in the Gulf of Mexico. The main and the auxiliary hoists required testing to 1500 ton and 400 ton respectively using Water Weights bags.

Challenges faced

  • The Fenix barge vessel was docked on the Pentepec River in the state of Veracruz, hence logistics was a challenge owing to the remoteness of the location.
  • In order to achieve the load test weights, Unique Group had to custom design the spreader beam arrangement in cooperation with one of its vendors and adapt the rigging on the Water Weights.
  • To perform the required load test, 40 Water Weights bags had to be packed and mobilised to the project location.

               The bespoke 4 beam spreader arrangement

                     The bespoke 4 beam spreader arrangement

Unique Solution we delivered

Unique Group’s Water Weights team provided a complete turnkey solution inclusive of expert technical support along with lift design and planning.

The entire load was achieved using a bespoke 4 beam spreader arrangement and combination of 40 Water Weights bags of 55-tonne and 35-tonne capacities.

The bags were rigged to the main and auxiliary hoists only once to achieve a wide variety of capacities for load application at various stages during the test. Throughout the project, the filling and emptying of the water in the bags was controlled through the supplied manifold and valve systems.

Proof load test underway on the crane

Proof load test underway on the crane

Benefits delivered

  • HSEQ Compliant and safe execution of the project
  • Quick response to client needs
  • Specialised technical support onsite
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Customised turnkey solution based on client requirements
  • The largest load test ever completed using Water Weights proof load bags

Client feedback

Protexa’s purchasing agent Imxport who we subcontracted with, commented “I understand the test was successful as we expected when we contracted your services, we know you were not the least expensive, but the one with more experience. We at Imxport as the purchasing agent for Grupo Protexa companies are responsible for all services, products and equipment we supply to our end user and for this reason, we always select companies like Unique Group, who have a great reputation in the industry.”


Proof load test completed

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