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Unique Group successfully delivers double utility Nitrox Air Dive Systems to Africa Diving Services


Africa Diving Services



Date/ Year

December 2017 and August 2018.

Service details

Unique Group designs and manufactures air, mixed gas and saturation diving equipment, marine winches, certified man-rider winches and specialised subsea rigging equipment.

We offer a wide range of IMCA compliant and classed (Lloyds Register, ABS, DNV) diving equipment and systems, from diver launch and recovery systems (LARS), decompression chambers to containerised air and mixed gas diving systems.

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Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s Diving and Life support division successfully built and delivered two customised ABS Nitrox Surface Dive-ROV Systems to Africa Diving Services in Nigeria in 2017 and 2018. This innovative and compact system allows the client to utilise the same equipment for two different diving applications, thus saving time and cost.

Client Requirement

Their requirements were as follows:

  1. A compact, low-cost surface dive system.
  2. The system is to be compatible for both Air and Nitrox diving operations
  3. Inspection ROV control station to be incorporated into the dive system
  4. The system to meet the requirements of IMCA, Shell, Exxon and OGP

The client provided us with clear specifications for the ABS Nitrox Surface dive systems.

Unique Solution delivered

Unique Group’s Diving and Life support division worked closely with the client to define the layout and attributes of the system based on the requirements of their diving operations.

The team also studied the equipment requirements specified by end customers Shell and Exxon and engaged with their diving technical authorities to ensure the requirements were well understood.

Based on the groundwork completed, Unique Group designed and built a solution comprised of:

  • A Dive -ROV Control space and Chamber Container
  • Machinery Container
  • Air and Nitrox 10ft HP gas storage Containers
  • Two Single Basket LARS
  • A Rhino Marine SRP Boat.


 Dive System ready for action

Dive System ready for action


Following stringent guidelines, the systems were ABS Classed and comply to the latest IMCA, OGP, Shell and Exxon Mobile Requirements.

Highlights of the system:

Dive - ROV Control and Chamber Containers

Client Advantage: Effective co-operation between Diving and ROV operations, as a result of the technically and ergonomically designed control centre.

Consists of: A 1500mm diameter decompression chamber and a control space with both a Nitrox Dive Control Suite and an ROV Control Station for a Seaeye Falcon ROV system.

Design Highlight: The Nitrox dive panel has been designed for easy oxygen cleaning to enable the dive operator to change from air diving to Nitrox diving in a short span of time.


Dive and ROV Control Room

Dive and ROV Control Room

Machinery container

Client Advantage: Effectively permits the operator to switch easily between air and nitrox diving, as per the requirement.

Consists of: A Nuvair Voyager IV Nitrox generation unit, two L&W high-pressure air compressors, Unique Group’s Hydra Brand Subsea Tools Hydraulic Power unit, a technician’s workbench and spares storage.

Design Highlight: Each system has been supplied with two 10ft HP gas storage containers, one for air and one for Nitrox along with a dedicated set of flexible hoses

10ft HP gas storage containers

 10ft HP gas storage containers

Benefits delivered

  • Cost and Time saving: As the diving system can easily be changed from Air to Nitrox diving, the client saves on preparation time and is able to use one asset for 2 applications.
  • Cost and deck space-saving: Integrating the ROV control station into the Dive Control space the client can avoid the requirement of dedicated ROV control containers and is able to ensure close communication between the Dive Supervisor and ROV pilot.
  • Compliant with Shell & Exxon requirements: By understanding the requirements of Shell and Exxon, Unique Group was able to ensure the diving systems were completely compliant with the necessary technical specifications and in this way avoided non-conformances that could cause costly stoppages to a diving job.

Diver Launch and Recovery systems

Diver Launch and Recovery systems

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