Green Pin®: Loadbinders
Green Pin®: Loadbinders
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Green Pin®: Loadbinders


Unique Group offers the full range of Green Pin Loadbinders. The Green Pin® Ratchet Loadbinder EN12195-3 is a ratchet type loadbinder without hooks according to European lashing norm EN 12195-3. The ratchet enables the precise setting of the lashing length and tension. As the loadbinder is supplied without hooks, it is suitable for custom applications. The loadbinder is also equipped with a safety latch that prevents the chain from sliding back. The Green Pin® Ratchet Loadbinder EN12195-3 is available in a range to suit 8 mm up to 16 mm grade 8 chain. Other load binder types are available within the Green Pin range.


Safer due to latch that prevents chain from sliding back

Ratchet allows for precise setting of lashing length and tension

Safety prevents unintentional unscrewing

Conforms to European lashing norm EN 12195-3


Material: Drop forged steel, Grade 8.

Safety factor: – MBL equals 2 x Lashing Capacity

Finish: Painted red.

Certification: 2.1 2. Standard EN 12195-3.

Note Stf = 3000 daN.







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