Exail (iXblue) Phins 6000: Inertial Navigation System
Exail (iXblue) Phins 6000: Inertial Navigation System
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Exail (iXblue) Phins 6000: Inertial Navigation System


Phins is a subsea inertial navigation system providing position, true heading, attitude, speed, depth and heave. Its high-accuracy inertial measurement unit is coupled with an embedded digital signal processor that runs an advanced Kalman filter.


High grade INS performance

High reliability and maintenance free

Rugged design for water depths up to 6,000 m

Ultimate sub-metric performance using sparse array transponders and on-the-fly calibration

Ease of use and quick installation


Operating/storage temperature: -20°C to 55°C / -40°C to 80°C

Rotation rate dynamic range: Up to 750 deg/s

Acceleration dynamic range: ± 30 g

Heading/roll / pitch: 0 to +360 deg / ±180 deg / ±90 deg

Depth: 6,000 m


AUV navigation

Towfish navigation


Precise positioning

Out-of-straightness survey

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