Seafloor Systems: Echoboat 240
Seafloor Systems: Echoboat 240
Survey Equipment

Seafloor Systems: Echoboat 240


EchoBoat-240™ allows users to integrate robust equipment payloads and obtain professional-grade survey results remotely. Still two-person transportable, it is ideal for launching from a trailer or cart in areas where a manned boat is not feasible. Live props reduce weed entanglement, and the SVP is encapsulated in the bow. The wave-piercing hull was designed to efficiently collect data and save time in the field. It can also be lowered via davit from a survey boat to be used as a force multiplier, working alongside the main vessel.


Two person transportable.

Autonomous and remote-control operation.

UV resistant HDPE

GPS / GNSS Customer Specified

Available Sonar Modules: Single Beam, Multibeam

Velocity Profiler or CTD, Wi-Fi Remote Desktop, HD Thermal Camera
Remote Controlled Profiling Winch, LiDAR



Hull Length: 2.4 m / 7.87 ft
Hull Width: 0.9 m / 2.95 ft
Hardware: Stainless Steel
Empty Hull Weight w/ Batteries: 158.75 kg / 350 lbs
Payload: 90.7 kg / 199.96 lbs
Power: 25.2 VDC
Battery Endurance: 8 Hours at Survey Speed
Communications: 2.4GHz UHF Telemetry


Inspection/survey of mines
Sewage treatment of plants, lakes, harbors, rivers, and in-shore areas
Both remotely controlled and autonomous navigation suites available
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