In the realm of environmental monitoring, the need for efficient data collection and analysis is paramount. From scientific research to climate studies, maritime operations to environmental management, organizations strive to gather critical data for marine biology, oceanography, and environmental science.

As we seek to deepen our understanding of oceans, support climate research, ensure safe maritime activities, and contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems. However, traditional methods often require significant manpower and multiple vessels, posing logistical challenges and increasing operational costs.


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Introducing the Uni-Mini Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

Uni-Mini is a groundbreaking solution designed to address these challenges. This lightweight and low-cost option streamlines operations by collecting and transmitting data efficiently, eliminating the need for numerous manpower and vessels.

Additionally, Uni-Mini’s capability to deploy multiple units allows for broader coverage of areas, enhancing maritime operations such as shipping, fishing, and offshore resource exploration. Leveraging Uni-Mini’s Uni-Mesh radio technology, these vessels can communicate seamlessly, facilitating collaborative efforts in environmental management and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Uni-Mini revolutionizes environmental monitoring and meets the evolving needs of organizations dedicated to safeguarding our oceans.




USV Solutions for Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring and Marine Research

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Pollution detection and tracking
  • Habitat and ecosystem assessment
  • Hydro survey
  • Marine life monitoring
  • Marine Biology and ecosystem studies
  • Coastal sciences
  • Benthic Habitat mapping
  • Coral reef/sandbar monitoring
  • Underwater oceanology
  • Climate change Research


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Features & Benefits of Uni-Mini

🚚 Easy Logistics: The Uni-Mini is a light and compact model hence it can be easily carried by two individuals, this makes it ideal for quick deployments.

🚤 Compact Agility: Uni-Mini’s design allows it to navigate through tight spaces and reach locations where larger vessels cannot operate, ensuring comprehensive survey coverage.

🌳 Environmentally Conscious: With electric batteries the Uni-Mini reflects our commitment to environmentally sustainable survey practices.

⚖️ Customisable Payloads: Uni-Mini can be set up with a wide range of payloads and sensors based on your requirements, thus enhancing the return on value for your survey projects using a single USV.



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Use a new approach to seabed mapping and classification with Uni-Mini, the unmanned solution which is ideal for seabed exploration

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Project Insight: Red Sea Projects (Saudi Arabia)

“Uni-Mini’s lightweight design facilitated swift deployments during our bathymetric survey in the Red Sea, enabling us to efficiently cover vast underwater areas. Its agility was instrumental in navigating through complex underwater terrain, including intricate reef formations, to reach otherwise inaccessible locations for detailed data collection on seabed topography. A major concern during our project was minimizing interference with wildlife on-site, and Uni-Mini emerged as an excellent solution with its electric operation and silent performance. With customizable payloads and electric battery operation, Uni-Mini proved invaluable for environmentally conscious and efficient seabed exploration.”

– Client based in Saudi Arabia