“We’re Unique by name and unique by nature,” says Andy Doggett, Group Director of the Survey Equipment division, as he explains why he believes the company remains ahead of its competition. 

“Unlike many other companies, Unique is a multi-disciplinary business offering a broad range of services and solutions; not just a one-dimensional provider.

“There is real depth and therefore added value in what we do, given our spread of products, services and capabilities from engineering, facilities to high end marine electronics. Our size and geographic footprint also allows us to access markets and enables us to scale a product offering through the territories.”

The acquisition of marine survey equipment firm, GSE Rentals is one of Andy’s proudest achievements during his time with Unique; particularly as this development has helped move the Survey division from being solely focused on oil and gas and launched it into the fast growing windfarm and renewables market.

Autonomous technology is fundamental to many of our markets, bringing client benefits in terms of cost savings, enhanced safety and reduced environmental impact.

“Increasingly, there is a desire to take personnel off vessels and out of the water – and autonomous systems are allowing us to do that,” Andy explains. “Advances in technology are happening all the time with increasingly sophisticated sensors and electronics enabling us to do what would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, for example, an unmanned surface vessel (USV) can operate and acquire data in India but be controlled from Singapore.”

Not one to rest on his laurels however, Andy remains ambitious for the company going forward. “I’m looking forward to working with the team to deliver continued expansion, growth and remain leaders of the markets we serve. We bring something different to our clients in that we offer integrated, advanced technologies and solutions to enable them to get the job done. As a household name in the survey business globally, clients know they can rely on us to deliver the right solution – whatever the job demands.”

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