Unique Group in Cape Town has reaffirmed its stronghold in the Diving & Life support business amid the COVID-19 crisis after being awarded major projects by subsea engineering clients.

As a part of the first project delivery, Unique Group will fully design and manufacture an ABS Classed Air Dive System comprising of a SL3 20’ DNV2.7-1 Dive Control Container and 1500DDC Decompression Chamber, and an SL3.6 20’ DNV2.7-1 Machinery Container. The system delivery will also include two of our signature LR50A2 Diving Launch & Recovery Systems, personal diving equipment and the Unique Equipment Manager (UEM) PMS system. The dive system which will be used for client operations in Nigeria will also be compliant with the latest requirements of IMCA, OGP, Shell and Exxon.
The system is manufactured using the latest technology in diver monitoring for tracking both diver positioning and depth.

The second project comprises equipment supply for specialist military deep water and shallow water diving applications for naval clients in Asia.

Bob Elshove, Director – Diving Sales of Unique Group’s Cape Town operations commented, “Our Diving division is benchmarked for the quality of systems designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards. Our LEAN approach to our production process ensures that our systems are designed in a very short span of time with no safety hazards when in operation.
The Air Dive system is a repeat order from this client modeled on the previous design due to its proven effectiveness in operation.”

Rodney McKechnie, Group Director of Unique Group’s Cape Town operations further added, “We are pleased to work on these new orders at a time when the industry is experiencing a dramatic downturn. These new orders, including a repeat order from a key customer, confirms our ability to sustain customer relationships whilst adhering to stringent manufacturing standards to supply world-class commercial diving and military systems.
“The team is fully accustomed to the new norm of working with all COVID-19 safety and physical distancing measures in place and we look forward to completing the orders within the stipulated timeframe.”

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