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Case Studies

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Unique Group improved fuel efficiency by 23% for client fleet

Client Leading logistics service provider


Year 2012
Service details

Marorka Onboard is a maritime energy management and operational performance system. Located on-board the vessel, it equips you with performance monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and extensive energy analysis.

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Summary of the Project

Unique Group helped optimise fuel consumption and operational performance in the client’s fleet of bulk freighters, tankers and gas carriers as part of an efficiency improvement and optimisation project.

Ship engine optimisation

The Ship Performance Management system installed in one of the vessels

Client Requirement

Our client wanted an Energy Management system which would help them identify areas of improvement in their vessel operations. The team was also looking for a system which would help them reduce their carbon footprint and increase the efficiency in their operations, effectively leading to fuel and cost savings.

Challenges faced

We were faced with two challenges for the implementation,

1.      The energy management system had to be interfaced with the existing equipment on the vessel.

2.      Unique Group had to commission the system without any downtime to the client.

performance management dashbaord

Marorka Onboard performance system being installed in the vessel

Unique Solution delivered

After detailed discussions with the client, Unique Group chose Marorka Energy Management system as the perfect solution for the client’s needs.

As a pilot drive prior to full-scale implementation, the system was installed in a select number of vessels and collected the relevant data for the first three months. Following which, the data collected was used to create a software model which optimised the vessel’s energy utilisation and served as a baseline for any vessel type. This baseline was the benchmark against which the other vessels in the fleet were compared to and analysed for their performance. Following this, the system was installed on all the vessels in the fleet.

over view of the dadhbaord

An overview of the dashboard

The dashboards were also customised by the client to gather insights on the vessel’s energy and performance analysis reports. These insights led to the roll-out of changes, which led to a 23% improvement in the fleet’s fuel efficiency in the first five years of the implementation of the Marorka system.

The staff on the vessel as well as in the office were trained to use the system and gather the required data. A key advantage of the system is the ability to monitor the performance of the vessel in real-time from the onshore control room.

Benefits delivered

  • User-friendly and Interactive system
  • Work was done during the voyage, hence no downtime during installation for the vessel
  • Smooth interfacing of the system with the vessel infrastructure
  • Real-time monitoring from the vessel and the onshore control center
  • Reduced the carbon footprint of the vessels
  • Increased fuel efficiency

performance optimisationThe Performance Management system in use

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